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If your worst nightmare is to not be able to start your car when you're already late for work, when you're at a rest stop on the way to visit family in Sydney or when you're stuck in traffic on a stinking hot day then you should keep on top of the auto electrical health of your car.


KATS Automotive are the auto electrical experts in East Brisbane. We will test and inspect each aspect of your system. Then we will fix or replace anything that is or could cause you problems.


Our auto electrical services include testing, servicing, refitting and repairing a whole range of electrical components fitted to different types of vehicles such as: -


  • fuel pumps
  • radios
  • trailer brakes
  • burglar alarms
  • air conditioning
  • gauges and instruments
  • turn indicators
  • control circuits
  • DC generators
  • starter motors
  • alternators
  • batteries
  • electronic fuel injection systems
  • electric gear shift control systems
  • lighting and ignition systems


The important parts of your auto electrical system are: -


  • Battery - when you turn the key your battery supplies the power that turns the engine over to start it.
  • Alternator - this part of the car recharges the battery using the power from the engine while you are driving along. If your alternator has a problem you will find that your battery goes dead.
  • Starter motor - uses power from the battery to start the engine.
  • Solenoid - administers power from the battery to the starter motor.
  • Voltage Regulator - maintains the proper voltage level in the system
  • Fuse Panel - contains fuses for each electrical component in the car.
  • Connectors and Wires - connectors everything together and to the fuse box.


All of the parts of the auto electrical system are connected and if one stops working it will usually affect some, if not all, of the other parts making it hard to determine exactly what the problem is. We will run tests that allow us to determine where the problem is and fix it with minimal hassle and inconvenience to you.

Remember KATS will make your car purr...


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