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If you turn your car on and hear a squealing in the engine or the ignition will not catch, you may have an issue with belts or hoses. These common items are found all over the vehicle and perform a myriad of functions. If your day starts out with a hiss or a squeal in East Brisbane, make your way over to the KATS Automotive Service Centre.

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Why Choose to Work With Us?

When you are having an issue with your car or truck you want to bring it in to a local service centre with folks you can trust. Our East Brisbane shop is packed with smiling faces and mechanics that are trained on all the latest parts and diagnostic equipment. Some of the reasons why you should choose KATS Automotive Service Centre include:

  • Repco Authorised Service Centre: You get the backing of a large company with the attention and feel of a community shop.
  • Peace of Mind: We stand behind all of our work so that you know your car will be in the best shape.
  • Great Prices: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre we have access to the spare parts network allowing us to find what the vehicle needs within your budget.

Our Belts and Hoses Services Include:

  • Replacement of coolant hoses before your car is overheating
  • Check and replace timing belts, serpentine belts or V-belts
  • Replacement of the fan belt
  • Replacement of the air intake hoses to increase fuel efficiency
  • Checking and tightening of all clamps

Knowing How the Small Things Make a Big Difference

Belts and hoses are much smaller components when you compare them with brakes, transmissions and the engine. However, these small things are just as important and come together to make your vehicle run smoothly. Without belts and hoses in good order your car may not start or keep running. In order to help you understand a bit more about the issues you may see, here are a few important key terms:

  • Serpentine Belts: These belts can range in what they do for the car from operating the steering pump, water pump and air pump to the timing of the alternator.
  • Timing Belt: Controls the opening and closing of valves in the engine.
  • V-Belt: A belt with V shaped grooves found in the operation of the drivetrain.
  • Fan Belt: Transmits motion from the driveshaft to the radiator fan and the alternator.

For emergencies and everyday maintenance of your belts and hoses, contact us today!

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