Brake, Shock Absorber and Wheel Alignment Safety Testing Service


Most general services and safety checks involve checking the brakes visually, but to really know HOW the vehicle would react in an EMERGENCY situation we require a different approach.

KATS Automotive has recently installed a state of the art ‘PlateTronic Safe-T-Test Track’ which can test your brake efficiency, and a host of other things, quickly, easily and most importantly, accurately!

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This system allows us to test your vehicle’s brakes in real world conditions from the safety of our workshop… and that’s not all it does!

PlateTronic Safe-T-Stop Test Track features the following: -

  • Produces a Customer Computer Read Out on all testing that is easy to understand
  • Brake tester – tests your car’s actual brake performance in a simulated emergency application
  • Wheel Alignment tester – quickly and easily analysis a car’s wheel alignment
  • Shock absorber tester – the system tests the compression and rebound of your shock absorbers
  • Weighbridge – quickly and easily weighs your vehicle, trailer, caravan, boat etc. right here in our workshop without having to go to an external weighbridge

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Brake Repairs & Replacements

If we discover your brakes are unsafe in any way we will discuss this with you. You will have the option of having KATS us repair the damaged or worn parts for you.

Your car’s front and rear brake pads are a serviceable item so therefore requiring regular replacement. When we replace your pads we will machine your front disks or rear drums, as required, to avoid any brake noise or brake shudder. To complete the repair we will also flush your brake lines and either top up or flush your hydraulic brake fluid depending on the condition of the fluid. Whilst we carry out the repair we will check the braking system for any, damaged/ broken or unserviceable parts.

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