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A by-product of burning fuel in a combustion engine is carbon. This material can build up in the engine, fuel injectors, on the exhaust pipe or in other parts of the vehicle and cause a loss of fuel efficiency and even a misfire. To prevent a shaky engine and leaky fuel injectors, make an appointment with your local mechanic in East Brisbane for a carbon clean service today!


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What Is a Carbon Clean Service

If you've noticed a decrease in fuel efficiency, a build-up of soot on the exhaust pipe or you have recently failed emissions, you are experiencing the negative side effects of carbon build-up. Carbon is a product of the fuel burning system in the engine. However, too much carbon left over can cause clogged engine parts which do not operate at maximum efficiency. To prevent these issues make carbon cleaning a regular maintenance service. Some ways that carbon cleaning is done include:

  • Putting an additive into the fuel which works to clean the system as you go through the latest fill up.
  • Physically taking apart the fuel system gets into the pistons and fuel injectors to ensure that all the parts such as the fuel injectors, spark plugs and combustion chambers can be cleaned. In this process the individual parts may be cleaned using an ultrasonic bath.

Get your carbon clean service and make your car purr thanks to the team at KATS Automotive Service!

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