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How long has it been since you’ve had your CV boots replaced?

The CV boots protect the CV joints, they are made of rubber and will gradually wear over time and eventually tear or break if they are not replaced. Without their boots, the CV joints are exposed to the elements and will deteriorate rapidly as a leaking or broken boot will allow the grease that is required to lubricate the moving parts to escape. Eventually the CV joint will fail altogether. Checking and replacing your CV boots is low cost service and will prevent having to replace your CV joints which can be costly.

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Constant Velocity (CV) joints are special types of mechanisms that allow power to be transferred from the drive shaft to the wheels at a constant rate while the wheels are turning and/or the car is going up and down over uneven surfaces.

CV Joint Animation (Simplified)

Have you noticed dark grease splattered on the inner side of your wheels?

The CV boots are packed with grease to lubricate the joints. A visible splattering of grease could be an indication that the boots have only recently failed and your CV joints may not have worn much yet. You should book your car in ASAP to get your CV boots replaced before any serious damage is done.

Do you hear are clicking or popping sound from your wheels as you turn a corner?

This is a typical sign that your CV joints are starting to wear. You should get your car to our workshop ASAP so we can replace your CV boots before any more damage is done. CV joints can’t be repaired, so if they are worn past a certain point, they will have to be replaced.

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