Engine Oil Sludge Removal


Engine oil sludge is a major problem, especially in cars manufactured between 1997 and 2003 or for vehicles that only ever do short running trips. The oil breaks down and sticks to the engine, causing serious damage over time.

When servicing, we offer an engine oil sludge removal service for cars already affected before filling with the new oil. Everyone should make sure they get their oil changed on time, every time, which we can do for you as part of your scheduled log book maintenance servicing. Our workshop is conveniently located in East Brisbane.


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Oil Changes

Oil is very important to keep your engine running smoothly as it lubricates the engine and carries away contaminants. The oil is placed under high temperatures and pressures and becomes stressed over time so it needs to be changed regularly as per your log book. In the front pages of some manufacturer's log books it suggest the servicing should be carried out every 5,000 kms under severe driving conditions such as we experience in Brisbane.


Oil Sludge

If you don't change your oil as often as is recommended it will become stressed by contaminants, oxidation and over use and may start to turn into a sludge which prevents it from doing its job but can also seriously damage your engine. Instead of lubricating the engine it sticks to it like a gel. This leaves less operational good oil.


Engine Oil Sludge

Why not older cars?

Oil sludge has become a particular problem with newer cars because government pressure forced vehicle manufacturers to produce more efficient engines which are often achieved by increasing the combustion temperatures. The problem is that the high temperatures put more stress on the oil and make it break down and sludge up faster.


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