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We worry about your fleet maintenance and servicing so you don't have to.

At KATS, we live and breathe car servicing. We are constantly updating our knowledge through ongoing training and we use the latest equipment. As an independently owned local business we can put ourselves in your shoes. But for your peace of mind, we are also part of the Repco Authorised Service centre program which means our workmanship and parts are backed by a national brand and their nationwide warranty.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Consistent high quality service at competitive prices
  • We are backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty
  • Skilled mechanics with the experience and knowledge to deliver a high standard of work as efficiently as possible
  • We are locally owned and operated - help your local business while supporting the local economy
  • Tailored fleet servicing program to meet your needs
  • Timeframes met wherever possible
  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery


East Brisbane Fleet Servicing

KATS Automotive Services provides independent management of tyour entire car fleet. Fleet management and maintenance are not your core business functions – they're ours.
KATS Automotive Services cover all areas of fleet maintenance including regular servicing, repairs, mid-contract inspections and end of lease preparation. Whatever the size of your fleet, KATS Automotive Services offers a servicing package to suit your requirements. Call us now to discuss details or make a fleet service appointment online!

KATS Automotive Services are confident that our mechanics will be able to provide professional mechanical service, increase reliability, improve on the down time and efficiency of your vehicles, as well as reduce your fleet servicing costs. Outsourcing fleet maintenance to realize direct cost reductions is undeniably attractive for many businesses, however there are also longer-term cost savings you can achieve with KATS Automotive Services, plus you will only need to deal with a single point of contact. When outsourcing fleet management with KATS Automotive Services, we can assist you in analyzing overall budget impact and looking at both direct and indirect maintenance cost savings over your 3 - 5 year plan. You can be assured of a hassle free Fleet Car Servicing as KATS Automotive Services can service fleets of all sizes from cars and vans through to light commercials.


Benefits of Fleet Servicing

East Brisbane car service KATS Automotive Services can help you realize direct benefits of outsourcing your fleet, allowing you focus on everyday tasks of running your business, minicipality and county government. Fleet Servicing at KATS Automotive Services offers the following benefits:

  • Improved business efficiency. Clients often realize they can focus more on core business activities due to reduced time spent on their fleet. Related benefits include increased fleet availability, enhanced reliability, optimised cash flow and improved productivity.
  • Increased service and satisfaction. Enhanced quality car parts availability, better fleet scheduling flexibility, quicker turnaround on repairs, and improved reliability.
  • Reduced fleet operating costs. Organisations can utilise our best practices to achieve fleet maintenance economies of scale they wouldn't otherwise realize. Additionally, KATS Automotive Services purchase and manage fleet parts inventory, eliminating inventory carrying costs.
  • Increase vehicle lifecycles with quality testing standards ensuring all preventive maintenance and repairs are completed to specifications.
  • Improved accuracy. When trusting fleet maintenance and management functions to a professional, you have greater awareness of fleet and user metrics. Additionally, KATS Automotive Services can benchmark your fleet stats against similar fleets to help with driver training and education, or fuel and vehicle purchasing decisions.
  • Reduced capital investment. When contracting our fleet maintenance service, you reduce the need to invest your capital funds in non-core business functions. Additionally, more stringent and timely maintenance improves vehicle lifecycles and reduces or eliminates the need for emergency and loan cars.
  • Advanced control. KATS Automotive Services establish a partnership with our customers. Our clients can direct us from the highest level by telling what needs to be repaired and our mechanics take care of the maintenance and servicing.

Take advantage of our professional fleet maintenance and management resources. We'll design a maintenance services plan that will fit your unique needs, and let you get back to business. Total business operating costs, car maintenance and repair costs, vehicle utilization, downtime and repair turnaround - you can get it all with KATS Automotive Services car fleet servicing. Call East Brisbane car service now or make a fleet servicing appointment online!


Fleet Servicing East Brisbane

KATS Automotive Services is the preferred vehicle maintenance centre for many companies and organisations around East Brisbane.

We endeavour to maintain our client base vehicles to the highest standards to ensure your fleet more time on the road, and less time in a workshop which will ensure maximum productivity for your company/organisation from your fleet of vehicles. You will receive trustworthy advice on your vehicles that your organization can rely on. KATS Automotive Services deals with all major fleet companies including:

• Orix
• SG Fleet
• FleetCare

• Fleet Plus
• SMB Fleet
• Leaseplan
• MotorPass

• RACV Fleet
• Interleasing
• Toyota Fleet
• MotorCharge

• Custom Fleet
• Fleet Partners
• Fleet Australia
• Caltex StarFleet

Be assured your fleet of vehicles will be safe for the road after visiting KATS Automotive Services. To find out how our mechanics can look after your company/organisations fleet needs, contact us now.

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