Radiators, Hoses, Coolant System Servicing


Avoid the dreaded site of your temperature gauge going sky high and a potential break-down. If left unattended you could find yourself out of action on the side of the road - not at all fun - but you are also risking extensive damage to numerous systems within your car including your engine.


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Our services include: -

  • Coolant System Servicing
  • Cooling System Inspection and Pressure Testing, Repairs and Hose Replacement
  • Radiator Inspection, Servicing and Repairs


Why does coolant need to be replaced?

As coolant ages and is used over and over again it loses its ability to dissipate heat and protect the engine from parts corrosion. We test your coolant as part of your regular servicing schedule so you never need to worry about it. If it is at the end of its service life we will talk to you about replacing it.


Other potential problems: -

  • Radiator hose leaks and cracks over time
  • Erosion from rust accumulation
  • Radiator fan failure - if you notice the temperature gauge rising specifically when the car is idle and not so much when you are driving, this could be your problem
  • Radiator cap leaks


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