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We are conveniently located in East Brisbane ready to handle all of your Tyre Repairs and Replacements.

KATS offer a free “drop in” and check of your tyre pressures and condition. The KATS Team know that the only thing between your vehicle and the road is your tyres. Your safety is our priority!

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Your tyres will wear over time from normal driving of your car or vehicle, but there are also a few things that will speed up the process: -

  • Wheel Misalignment –
  • You will notice the steering wheel is “off centre”. This will prematurely wear your tyre abnormally leading to costly replacement of tyres needlessly.
  • You may notice this as your car pulls to one side even though the steering wheel is dead straight. One side effect is your tyres wearing unevenly which could mean a dangerous level of wear on one part of a tyre with only a little wear on another perhaps on the “shoulders”.
  • Incorrect inflation – this could be either too little or too much air. Either scenario will cause premature tyre wear. Make sure you check your tyre inflation regularly and top up or let it down when required.
  • A puncture – obviously a big puncture will rapidly speed up the wear process but you can also get a small or slow puncture which will lead to tyre deflation and wear over time (but still faster than normal). If you notice a nail, screw or other object in a tyre do not remove it before bringing it to KATS.

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The important elements of a tyre include: -

  • Rain groove / tread void – many people mistakenly think that the tread is what grips the road in wet conditions, but the important part is actually the tread void (area in between the treads) and rain groove which funnel water away from underneath the tyre to allow the rubber to grip the road
  • Sidewall – bridges the space between the tread that contact the road and the bead which connects the tyre to the wheel rim
  • Valve and stem – the valve is the mechanism that allows air in and out of the tyre

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