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Vehicle Inspections East Brisbane

KATS Automotive is a fully qualified and approved service centre for your Vehicle Inspections and certificates. Queensland law requires that you get a Vehicle Inspection Report and certificate prior to selling your car. We can also provide inspections for:

  • Peace of mind prior to a long trip
  • Pre Warranty expiration inspection


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Safety and Peace of Mind

There are many parts and systems in your car that contribute to your safety. Many of those parts will wear over time and might need replacing but if you are going on a long trip then you might not get a good opportunity to do these essential repairs so it is a good idea to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected before you leave to make sure everything is in working order.

All of our services come with a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report but if you want a more comprehensive check you could try our 150 point inspection or talk to us and we’ll recommend something that meets your needs.

You also might be interested in our Safe-T-Stop test track which will test your brakes, shock absorbers and wheel alignment as well.


Is your car’s warranty about to expire?

It’s a good idea to get a comprehensive inspection of your car done just prior to warranty expiration so you can repair or replace anything that will need to be fixed anyway in a few months when your warranty has expired. 


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