Transmission Service and Repair


It’s not safe to drive a vehicle which will not stay in gear. You need a car or truck which you can trust. There should not be a burning smell coming from the engine, a grinding sound coming from the clutch or a pooling of fluids under the car. For a myriad of transmission system repairs, work with us!

Why Work With KATS Automotive Service Centre

  • Peace of Mind: We have been the local shop in East Brisbane with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee for almost twenty years.
  • Great Mechanics: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre our team is continually being offered trainings on the latest tools and diagnostic equipment.
  • Great Value: We pride ourselves on giving you the best service and finding all the right prices while staying in your budget thanks to our local connections and the Repco spare parts network.

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Transmission Services From KATS Automotive Service Centre

  • Automatic Transmission Overhaul
  • Manual Transmission Overhaul
  • Planetary Gear Set Replacement
  • Flywheel Replacement
  • Rubber Seal Replacement
  • Gear Pump Replacement
  • Governor Replacement
  • Throttle Valve Replacement
  • Vacuum Modulator Replacement
  • Gear Selector Fork Replacement
  • Transmission Band Replacement
  • Hydraulic Cylinders Replacement
  • Manual Valve Replacement
  • Clutch Repair
  • Layshaft Repair
  • Idler Gear Repair
  • Synchroniser Repair
  • Parking Brake Repair
  • Filling of Transmission Fluid
  • Filling of Hydraulic Fluid

Understanding the Transmission System

The transmission system is made up of many gears, belts and moving parts. In order to understand what our technicians are working on when they go under the hood, here is a quick glossary of some key transmission system components:

  • Automatic Transmission: System controlled by the car’s computer without the need of a manual clutch.
  • Manual Transmission: Transmission controlled by a set of gears and clutches which is controlled by the driver.
  • Planetary Gear Set: Composed of the sun gear, planetary gear and ring gear this system controls the gears in an automatic transmission.
  • Governor: Valve which tells the transmission how fast the car is travelling.
  • Synchroniser: Mechanism in manual transmission which allows the shifting from one gear set to another.

For manual or automatic transmission services and repair in East Brisbane call KATS Automotive Service Centre today!

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